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Many business owners are unknowingly sitting on a treasure trove of potential revenue with their old, unconverted leads. The challenge, however, has been the lack of effective tools and sufficient manpower to tap into this valuable resource. As a result, they often find themselves overly dependent on the influx of new leads, trying to keep their businesses afloat.

Our Database Reactivation bot works tirelessly behind the scenes , unlocking the hidden value in their existing lead databases. It strikes up a conversation with old leads, preps them for a sale and hands them over to a human to close. Business owners are pulling in $1000s in extra sales each week, from these buried assets.

Database Reactivation AI Bot

Speed to Lead AI Bot

Are you tired of seeing potential sales slip through your fingers and straight to quicker competitors? It’s a common scenario: you invest in generating leads, but busy schedules and unavoidable delays mean these hot prospects end up with your competitors. Often, it’s not a matter of neglect but simply being unable to respond immediately when a customer’s call goes to voicemail or their inquiry joins a growing stack.

Our 'Speed to Lead' AI bot ensures you're always first to respond to potential customers, operating around the clock. No matter how packed your schedule is, the AI bot steps in instantly to engage new leads, transforming the way you handle incoming inquiries. With 'Speed to Lead,' you're not just quick; you're instant, giving your business an unbeatable edge in customer responsiveness and sales efficiency.

Outside of Hours AI Bot

Are you missing out on valuable leads that come in after hours, only to find them gone cold by the next morning? It's a common frustration. You're there all day, yet inquiries seem to pour in just as you close for the evening or during weekends.

Our 'Out of Hours' AI bot is designed to engage with every lead that arrives, no matter the time or day. Acting as your 24/7 digital receptionist, it converses with leads via SMS, warming them up and scheduling qualified prospects directly into your calendar. These leads are then ripe for follow-up during regular business hours. Say goodbye to the frustration of time-sensitive leads slipping through the cracks. With the 'Out of Hours' AI bot, you're always ready to connect, engage, and set the stage for your next successful sale.

Google Reviews AI Bot

For business owners, garnering customer reviews is a well-known strategy to enhance trust and credibility. However, what's often overlooked is the importance of responding to these reviews, which is crucial in demonstrating your business's integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction. Potential customers scrutinize how businesses interact with their reviews.

Designed to respond to reviews in a human-like, empathetic manner, our bot efficiently manages your online reputation. In our tests, it outperformed manual responses, not only in terms of efficiency but also in the quality of interaction. Every review, good or bad, receives a thoughtful response, reflecting your business’s dedication to customer experience.

Precision-Driven Customer Acquisition

TotalAttract brings the future of customer acquisition to your doorstep by harnessing the unparalleled capabilities of artificial intelligence. Our advanced AI algorithms work tirelessly, analyzing a wealth of real-time business data and in-depth Facebook audience insights. This meticulous process allows us to pinpoint your ideal customers with incredible accuracy, leading to campaigns that are not just optimized for higher conversion rates but also perfectly timed to capture your audience's attention.

Curious about how AI can streamline your operations and bolster your bottom line? Discover how our AI solutions can eliminate costly inefficiencies and enhance your business growth. Schedule a chat with us and explore the potential for adding significant value to your business.

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