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Revolutionizing Sales with AI

Welcome to the future of sales and lead management, where AI does the heavy lifting for you. Our goal? To boost your sales significantly – think thousands in extra revenue – all without adding to your workload. We specialize in transforming sales processes through AI, enhancing efficiency, and converting time-intensive tasks into profitable operations.

What We Do

We harness cutting-edge AI technology to elevate your business strategies, streamlining your sales and marketing processes for optimal growth. Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke AI-driven solutions that not only simplify complex tasks but also unlock new realms of efficiency and profitability for your business.

Say Goodbye to Marketing Agencies

Welcome to a new era of marketing autonomy with our AI-driven platform, TotalAttract. Launch effective Facebook campaigns in just three simple clicks, bypassing the need for costly agencies and their complex workflows. Choose a campaign, and watch as our AI takes over, streamlining the process from beginning to end with efficiency and ease.

Seamlessly Convert Leads into Booked Appointments

TotalAttract uses automation to not only gather leads but to actively engage and nurture them into scheduled appointments. This sophisticated strategy frees your staff from sales-focused tasks, as our AI employs the best industry practices for lead nurturing. The result? Conversion rates that consistently surpass the norm.

Maximizing Every Lead Opportunity

With TotalAttract, no lead is left unattended. Our system meticulously follows up, providing gentle yet persistent nurturing. It keeps the conversation going until leads are ready to book, effectively converting even the oldest leads into tangible appointments. By leveraging every lead, we ensure your advertising investment translates into a growing customer base, turning potential into profit.

Our Solutions

Data Driven Lead Generation

Harness AI precision to create and launch conversion-optimized ads that connect with your ideal audience.

Lead Reactivation AI Bot

Rejuvenate dormant leads and uncover hidden sales opportunities with our conversational AI.

Speed to Lead
AI Bot

Stop losing sales to competitors who are faster to the phone, by getting AI to work your leads around the clock.

Out of Hours
AI Bot

Stop 'Out of Hours' leads going unanswered and wasting time on unqualified prospects with AI.

Google Reviews
AI Bot

Maintain your online reputation effortlessly. Our AI bot responds to Google reviews automatically.

Pull 5 or 6 figures worth of sales from old leads you’d written off for Dead.

Our Database Reactivation bot helps businesses treat every lead like it’s their last. The bot takes all the people in a database who haven’t bought and strikes up a conversation with them via SMS. Then next thing you know they’re booking calls and you’re up $10K-$100K+ in sales.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a demo is worth a thousand pictures. That’s why before you do anything, I want you to see AI in action. This demo gives a taster of how AI engages with customers in a natural way and bears the brunt of repetitive tasks, so you and your team don’t have to. With AI freeing up valuable man-power and doing the work you’d “never get around to doing”, you can unlock new levels of ROI whilst focusing on the things you enjoy.


Ready to Get the perks of a 24/7 Sales Team WITHOUT the expense?

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